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I offer three services, each focusing on different modes of healing delivery. Healing sessions are private, in person or via phone appointments. I use Vibrational Energy Healing and Intuitive Information to heal your body and soul for greater physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being. Custom Smoothies are created specifically for your body to deliver daily healing and revitalization. Workshops and Lectures are educational and motivational experiences designed to create expansion and growth.

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3 Ways to Heal

Vibrational Energy

Appointments are available virtually in either 60 or 90-minute sessions. Vibrational Energy Healing & Intuitive Information work seamlessly with all medical treatments and integrated therapies. For further inquiries, please feel free to contact me.

I love how Vibrational Energy Healing & Intuitive Information

powerfully heal & transform lives!

I work within the chakras, body, energy fields and soul to restore your health, vitality and balance. The gentle process creates flow, connection and healing your body and soul. Intuitive advice and insight help you create dynamic change and wellness. You leave with an action plan designed specifically for you and your body to support continued health, well-being and growth.

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It is a combination of the most powerful superfoods, healing nutrients and preferred protein for your body in a tasty, quick and easy smoothie. Custom smoothies are lower in sugar and more affordable than retail brands!

Custom Smoothie Package Includes:

  • Morning smoothie recipe for energy and balance

  • Evening smoothie recipe for rest and repair

  • Thirty-minute session to clear and balance your body for accelerated results

For further inquiries, please feel free to contact me.

Custom Smoothies

Custom smoothies tailored specifically for you!

The exact requirement for your optimal health and wellness come from information intuited from your body.

I offer a variety of fun lectures and workshops designed to enlighten, educate, motivate and shift.


Engagements are suitable for intimate or larger groups, organizations, schools, and businesses. Please inquire for further information and contact me.



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