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You Are Not Alone

My friend the hawk hangs out right in front of my living room window. He’s been a frequent visitor for the past six months. Often, hawks show up when we need strength, support, and encouragement to complete a project/goal, or to level up for a new pursuit. Hawks are believed to be messengers from the higher realms.

My hawk’s beauty and power immediately uplift, bringing me to -you’ve got this! I feel simultaneously reassured, and invigorated.

Creative pursuits and life changes can feel lonely and scary at times. But we are never alone; there is support all around us.

If something catches your eye from the natural world, listen intuitively for the message. If you are unsure, look up the spiritual or energetic meaning. All or maybe just a piece of the message will resonate; this is what is meant for you.

You are not alone. Support is everywhere. Be present, pay attention and allow yourself to receive.

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