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She glanced up at me quizzically; I nodded, yes. She hopped into the front seat of my car. A few minutes later, a little voice exclaimed, “This is my first time sitting in the front seat!” I glanced over and caught her smiling broadly, eyes beaming with wonder.

Wonder is a state of awe, appreciation and gratitude. It helps us keep a sense of openness in the present moment; a feeling that anything is possible.

The unknown allows us to absorb the fullness and subtleties of a moment without expectation or parameters. We become limitless, wide open to receive and grateful take in more. Reaping an abundance of experiences is the true sweetness of life.

Feeling stuck or in a rut? Check in, are you imposing perceived limits on possibilities of what might or could transpire in your life?

Open up to wonder and become a taker of life, letting it all in!

Feeling unsure or stuck, let me help you make movement. Call me.

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