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Updated: May 19, 2018

OCTOBER 14, 2015

The salty water slips over my shoulders.  Thankfully, the new goggles don’t leak as I duck under the lane marker.  All the tension seeps from my body as I surface.  I push off the wall and ease into the fluid motion of the stroke.  The rhythmic inhales and exhales lull my mind into a deeply quiet, peaceful place.  I am just motion in a saline cocoon.  Time stops.  I have missed this state and how it makes me feel- whole and content.  

Water with movement quickly propelled me into joyful abandon as child.  Magical hours were spent in the ocean or pool.  For me, wholeness is living in this kind of joy.  My husband’s illness completely sapped the lightness and playfulness right out of me.  Nearly a year has passed since his stem cell transplant.  It’s time to put my life back into motion.  It’s time to move into wholeness by reclaiming the lost pieces and coupling them with my new found sensitivity and wisdom to create a brighter and more expansive me.  It’s time to create more joyful moments, activities and pursuits.  No matter how small (a quick glance at the garden, a bite into a crisp fall apple or the smile of a child), each one shifts me back into a lighter, happier state of being. 

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