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What Yellow Can Do For You

Yellow, here’s what it can do for you!

I’m walking on sunshine, a message in the form of a song that I received from my guides last night. As I sang the lyrics, my mood lifted, soaring into a giggle accompanied by a little dance. I just finished putting clean sheets on the bed, a bit of a struggle on king size bed.

I laughed and continued singing. Suddenly remembering how I was drawn to all the yellow flowers still in bloom on this afternoon’s walk. Their sunny faces lifted everything around them including me.

Today, the card Joy and Stability jumped out of the tarot deck. On its’ face a vibrant yellow star shaped energy. These are three powerful messages around yellow, the sun and equanimity.

The world can feel like an unstable place right now, knocking us into anxiety, sorrow, dread, fear, anger, scarcity and hopelessness. Yellow is the ticket back into joy, a light heart and balance.

Use any form of yellow especially our powerful sun. Just take a moment, be present with yellow and let it wash over you. Feel how it energizes, uplifts, and stabilizes.

Yellow opens the heart with joy, putting us in the seat of our power. Let the sun shine in you!

#Joy #Equanimity #Heart Opening

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