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The ice cubes glisten in the wide rimmed martini glass filled with Bombay Gin, Tito’s Vodka and Lillet. God, I love a Vesper! The warmth of the drink slowly spreads and comforts me. This is number two.

Tomorrow is December 29th, the deadline for finalizing my new website and creating the 2018 timeline for a venture that makes my heart sing and petrifies me. Saturday morning, I wake up, press snooze and sleep for few extra hours. Alcohol always disrupts my sleep so I don’t drink during the week. I finish the website and fail to even start the timeline.

It’s really hard to face the truth; alcohol is one of my favorite vehicles for self- sabotage. I procrastinate when I’m stuck. I have big plans for 2018 – things I want to bring in, create and move into on a deeper level. It’s all up to me; there is no one to hide behind. I’m scared that I’ll come up short. My inner child screams, “Can’t we just play and have fun!” My knowing nudges me to peek underneath the fear. I hear a little voice that says, “Do you REALLY think you’re good enough?” I uncover worthiness.

I have no choice; I have to move forward. This process helps me. Naming the limiting belief weakens its hold over me. Debunking its validity gives me a little confidence. Creating an empowering mantra reinforces a new truth for me to nurture. Each time I push past the fear by taking baby steps forward, I step into becoming my best self.

Be brave. Unearth your fears and limiting beliefs, move into your power in 2018!

Need a little help getting unstuck? I can identify the underlying roots, remove associated blocks and obstacles, and intuit the best tools to help you to create movement in your life. Call me.

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