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The Story of a Hug

I love hugs. They are powerful displays of affection that require a complete commitment, a full body engagement. Wimpy hugs -no thank you, a great bear hug is swoon worthy!

A big part of self-love is the ability to intentionally express love to yourself in numerous ways. Hugs are one. It’s a simple act that I resisted for years.

“Gently come back into your body and give yourself a big hug”. We were in a circle, there was no way out. I acquiesced with a timid hug that surprisingly grew. My heart opened with love, I squeezed tighter and more flooded in. I’ve never felt so enveloped by unconditional love.

I deprived myself of self-love out of fear of intimacy (self -knowing) and worthiness. I rationalized that hugging yourself is silly. To move beyond this resistance, the inhibitor(s) must be identified. By naming it and working through a series of whys.

Why is hugging silly? I really don’t want to understand why. Why? I’d have to look at my fears. Why? They scare me. Why? Because then I’d know. Know what? Am I worthy of a hug? Worthiness is the root belief that limits self- love. This is the root that needs healing and plucking.

Self-love is a funny thing. We’re more apt to show others love over ourselves. But the most important relationship in your life is with you. Fully loving yourself transforms your life in every way. How? The degree to which you love yourself determines your capacity to do, be and manifest what you desire. Yup, that’s pretty much everything.

Start moving into your dreams today by holding yourself in the suspension of love with a hug. You’re worth it, give it a try!

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