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The Dollhouse

The Dollhouse came into my life quickly and somewhat begrudgingly in early November several years ago. I was in transition, leaving a marriage and a home of over 20 years.

The Dollhouse was not the beautiful cottage of my dreams. She sat on a busy street next to a pizza place in the humble part of town. I cried for 3 days morning my beautiful home on a large, peaceful property.

Although tired, I saw her charm. She was quaint with a wrap- around porch, stain glass windows and a cute little screen porch with a deck out back. Inside the Dollhouse showcased good bones with lots of light.

Negatives morphed into positives. The street noise and pizza traffic made me feel safe, a sense that people were near. Her tiny felt cozy, especially dear since this was my first time living alone.

The Dollhouse honed my values - happiness, freedom and people over things. Her feminine energy held me in being, opening and easing me into greater peace and joy. Teaching me to flow with change gracefully and learn to love me.

I am so grateful for my time here. It prepared me for my next home by the sea, a place of expansiveness and creativity.

Thank you, Dollhouse, for being a loving refuge and teacher.

#Growth #Healing #Gratitude #EnergyOfPlace

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