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The Condor

As I unpack clothes, the doubts start to creep in. Is this my place? Will it really help me expand and create? Will friends visit? Will it be cold and lonely in the winter?

To shake it off, I remind myself why I’m here - the ocean. I walk out onto the deck, take a deep breath in and smell its brininess which immediately settles and grounds me. Gazing out onto the expanse of water, clear as day is the shadow of the condor.

The condor is a powerful, magical bird in Peruvian Shamanism. Often, it comes to help me expand and connect to my wisdom and gifts. The condor reminds me of Peru, a place close to my heart. Today, it reassured me by saying, “Yes, this is your place to soar.” I couldn’t ask for a better house/heart warming gift!

Signs are all around us, pay attention, they confirm you’re on the right path!

#signs #expansion #trust #gifts

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