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Tears slipped out as I listened to the song.

I'm doing fine enough to know that everyone's a little broken Fine enough to learn that hearts are best when they're wide open I still got fear inside of me I'm not okay but I'm gonna be alright For the first time in a long time I'm doing fine I'm doing fine

Two minutes prior, my college roommate called. “I don’t believe in all this energetic stuff but (long pause). Ok so, I heard this song Doin Fine three days in a row as I turned on my car. I really don’t even listen to country music – it’s weird. The third day during the chorus, I knew that it was a message for you. I know you told me about this stuff, what’s it called? Listen to the song, it’ll make you cry."

I replied synchronicity.

In energetic terms, it’s a repeating pattern that’s deigned to gain your attention to deliver a message from the universe (your guides, soul team, angels – whatever resonates with you). The timing is divine. The past few days self-doubt had slowly crept into my psyche. Hearing everything will be ok and I’m doin fine felt like a huge bear hug; the security blanket that I desperately needed.

Synchronicities come into our lives to provide direction, support, confirmation and opportunity. They show up in many forms: a repetition of numbers, colors, objects, animals, encounters, songs/music, people, events. It’s endless. Some messages are obvious like mine while others are subtle. Take a breath in, quiet and ask for the message to reveal itself. Trust that your first thought is the answer.

Believe synchronicity is possible; the universe can support and guide you. Trust and it will show up. The universe wants to help you with everything. Trusting opens you up to receive the universe’s gifts. All of this is available to you – just trust!

If you need a little help trusting or discerning messages/meanings, call me.

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