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Updated: May 1, 2018

Surrender is a very big word - to abandon oneself to entirely. I never really grasped the totality of it until a few weeks ago.

Peru has been calling me for a long time (see my Magical Travel YouTube video The drumbeat intensified in last two years as it became clear that Peru was vital to my personal and spiritual growth. My future depended upon it. Newly single, I have to create a new, abundant life for myself.

As the trip materialized, excitement gave way to nerves - I just can’t come up short. To alleviate the pressure, be open and flow became my mantra. I visualized myself flowing with the ocean current soaking up the sun. I can’t tell you how often I floated while prepping for the trip.

Five weeks later, I lay on the cold, dirt floor of the Moon Cave in Machu Picchu soaking up its potent feminine energy. Suddenly, a fiery force shot up from soles of my feet into my legs. As they began to shake and quiver, I thought “Oh God, this is it! I have to surrender.”

Gripped with fear, it was the stronger pull of my new life that pushed me to completely let go. The shaking intensified uncontrollably as my whole body jolted in a seizure like fashion. The energy blasted through each chakra clearing and exploding them outward. An instant later and with the force a lightning bolt all my chakras powerfully realigned.

Suspended outside of myself, I couldn’t feel my body. My soul called me to Peru where I have spent many past lives. I came home to surrender. Let go of everything that was keeping me from being in the fullest expression of myself. I was reborn with increased capacity and abilities.

I am a different woman in every way. It feels so good to stand fully in my power and gifts. I’m ecstatic for the next chapter!

Healing is an act of surrender. Letting go of old patterns of behavior, fears, pain and beliefs that are holding us back from greater health, love and peace. Moving into wholeness is an action, a willingness to embrace new ways of being. Let me help you move gracefully into your fullest expression.

PS. The accompanying photo captures my view upon exiting the cave. I wanted to remember it.

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