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Updated: Dec 19, 2017

MARCH 14, 2016

I just discovered my superpower!  It came about in the most unlikely way- procrastination. 

I’m a huge fan of the “to do” list.  I love the instant gratification of a crossed off item!  Although not a procrastinator by nature, several actions have resided at the bottom of my list for weeks.  Staring at them made my stomach churn.

I was stuck, paralyzed with fear.  These actions weren’t going away; they were crucial to launching myself onto a new platform.  Disgusted and desperate to create action, I timidly eased into the fear by moving into the feeling with a calm, quiet mind until critical insights were revealed.  I was afraid of failure.  “Really?  I don’t do failure.”  And that was my “ah ha” moment.  Who was saying that?  It was my ego. 

Have I ever totally, completely failed?  Not really, my ego drives me to do what ever is necessary to improve or change.  It guides me to reframe, redirect or change course, anything to avoid failure.  That is my superpower.  A superpower is a unique tool or driver that facilitates movement forward when you are stuck or in crisis.

It resonated immediately with me.  I had a deep knowing that my ego will always help me circumvent failure.  It propels me forward when challenged and enables me to take risks and grow. 

 I was so excited that I shared my superpower with a friend.  He liked the concept and wanted to know his superpower.  I opened up and my knowing immediately replied, “You don’t care what anyone thinks of you.”  He said, “You’re right!  That ‘s what allows me to be fearless in my business deals.” 

I spoke to another friend and he thought it was a cool idea.  So I asked, “What are your superpowers?”  He thought for a moment and replied, “I never quit.  I’m ok with failing; I just pick myself up and move on.  I don’t quit.”

I love the idea that we all have superpowers. What are yours?

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