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Stretch Into Connection

Updated: Dec 19, 2017

MARCH 06, 2017

A large, ripped, muscle bound guy leaned over my mat in the corner of the gym, ”Hey, would you mind showing me how to do that?”  Startled, I looked up and replied, “Sure.”  He grabbed a mat and laid it next to mine.  I proceeded to guide him through a series of forward folds and hip openers.  “This is really hard”, he said in disbelief.  “Use your breath to soften into the stretch; don’t push.  Send the breath into the tight areas to help release and create space.“

Twenty minutes later, he exclaimed with childlike wonder, “I feel so relaxed and happy!  How come?”  A smile spread across my face, “We were doing seated yoga poses.  You released stuck energy in your body and created more energetic flow and balance.  Seated poses ground you too.”  “That’s really cool; it feels so good!  Where can I take a yoga class?” he asked. 

He stretched into energetic connection.  You can too!  Open up to flow within and create more harmony and peace in your life!

There are numerous ways to connect:  meditation, breath, dancing, music, singing, running, yoga, stillness and being in nature.  The list is endless.  Find the mode that speaks to you. 

If you need some direction, l can identify the approach that resonates with you. Call me.

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