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State of Being

Updated: Dec 19, 2017

JANUARY 03, 2017

The day after Christmas, I slumped into the chair completely dejected; this is not happening.  “Isn't it ironic, don’t you think?"  Alanis is personally singing this lyric to me over and over again.  My husband's cancer is under control and now he is derailed by the flu!  There goes vacation and any semblance of fun; back to caregiving.

How did I turn my week around?  It’s what I’m going after in 2017:  joy.  I’m reclaiming what slowly seeped out of me over the past seven years.  My joyful abandon is coming back! 

I create the mantra “I flow with joyful abandon”.  It is energetically powerful and expansive; I feel joy expanding my heart chakra as I repeat it.  The mantra cultivates this new state of being while action further reinforces it.  I pin a joy list written on a paper heart to the fridge.  Topping the list is the flute.  I love to play and float away on the notes. (I lost this desire upon my husband's cancer diagnosis.)

I worked the joy list last week.  It buoyed my mood, fed my heart and encouraged joy to flow. 

How about going after a state of being in 2017?  It just might make your year and your life!  

If you need help, I can pinpoint what is most expansive for you and the corresponding actions to achieve it.  Call me.  

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