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My Summer Intentions

Let’s start looking at every day is an opportunity. An opportunity to feel all that is around us. Becoming a receptor for sensing brings more vibrancy to our lives.

It takes us out of future or past thinking and parks us in the present. This is where we are meant to experience life. Really taking in your surrounds through sight, sound, touch, and taste grounds you into connection to your physical body and the joys of being in it.

My summer intention is to live more deeply from a feeling place. As I write from my deck, lobster boats low rumble is punctuated by a symphony of birdsongs. A soft, warm breeze grazes my skin, it’s almost impossible not to smile. :) I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for this place and this moment. Thank you senses for taking me there!

#Feeling #Senses #QuietMind #Being #CultivateJoy #CultivateGratitude #PresentMoment

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