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The cold water splashed all over my tights before forming an enormous puddle on the gym floor. I stood in disbelief. Over the past two weeks, I’ve spilled a least a dozen full glasses water all over my house, drenching rugs everywhere.

My body desperately wanted my attention. I knowingly ignored it until now. Spilling outside my home shocked me. I acquiesced and called a healer friend, “I’m blocking a message; what do you get?”

She replied, “Slow down, stop pushing so hard. This is not a race. Time is an illusion. Move back into your body. Just be and play more. You are out of balance. "

Ouch. I had implemented a strict, self-imposed timeline for a writing project and a personal goal. Pushing hard doing, doing, doing is an old way of being that doesn’t serve my health, creativity or happiness.

I reconnect with my breath, feeling my body and slow down. Now, play and being in nature daily are priorities in addition to my usual meditation and movement. I check in with my body and heart regularly asking what do you need or desire? The body wants to guide you back into balance, it's natural state.

Just being creates the space to connect with the whole - physical, emotional and spiritual body. In stillness, we open up, release and let in more of what we desire; in my case creativity, receptivity, and joy. Quieting brings us back into harmony within and in communion with the Universe. It’s in this state of allowance and flow that the magic happens with ease.

Sounds nice, it feels even better. There’s a delicious richness in the simple embrace of your whole self that naturally, instinctively moves into oneness with all. Sometimes all we need is a gentle reminder.

Come move into wholeness with me. I’m always here to help, call me.

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