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Updated: Dec 19, 2017

FEBRUARY 04, 2016

Have you ever totally lost your cool?  I did yesterday. 

Her parting words left me slightly unhinged.  I pushed the thoughts away and hurried to the gym.  After a quick warm up, I headed upstairs to meet my trainer.  Ten minutes later, I found him in the weight room.  I don’t like tardiness and it’s rare for him.  As a Naval Academy graduate, my father was a stickler for punctuality.  He instilled the belief that promptness demonstrated respect for another person and his time.  My sister and I joke that we are always on time to the minute!  This is not how the rest of world functions so I’ve adopted the “please keep me apprised of your ETA” policy.

Yesterday, I listened to his excuse and then abruptly leveled him in front of another client.  My words were cold, precise and sharp.  Fueled by anger, they shot out before I could catch them.  Minutes later, my eyes started to water as my body trembled from a profound sadness emanating from deep within.  It was so quick and unexpected that I had trouble identifying the feeling.  Grief buried long ago was bursting to the surface.  My heart splayed open as the parting words crept into my head, “ you were lucky to have six more years with him”.

My lips were still quivering while I apologized profusely.  My trainer, who is wise beyond his years, handled it with grace.

For the remainder of the afternoon, I sobbed while experiencing the depths of this grief.  The amount was staggering and subconsciously hidden.  After several heart wrenching healing sessions, I finally cleared the grief right down to the root.  I was so grateful that my healing skills expedited this release process.  Afterwards, I was left feeling light and airy inside and out.  A massive weight had been lifted.  The next day my bubbliness returned for the first time in six years!

We hold so much in our bodies on a conscious and unconscious level.  Clearing stuck energy profoundly improves your physical health and emotional well-being.  Breath work, visualization, or any of the healing modalities effectively removes stagnant energy.  Find the one that speaks to you.   

Those parting words struck a chord with my concealed feelings triggering the anger that masked sadness or in my case grief.  What are you masking? 

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