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Letting Go

Letting go takes its own time. I wasn’t ready four months ago and I wasn’t invited. But that’s ok, it didn’t feel right anyway.

This past Sunday it did. Instead of ashes, a tiny green crystal angel sat in my jacket pocket as I walked down the beach. Almost weightless, it held Chris during stem cell transplant and embodied the best of him – strength, faith and love.

Scrambling over the rocks, I spied a pristine, empty stretch– this was it. I gently placed the angel on the sand and smiled as the sun struck it. Squatting down, I whispered my goodbyes threw tears while feeling Chris’s loving presence. Then I tossed the angel into the sea with love and best wishes for his next great adventure.

Love is powerful. Life is a gift.

It’s all Just A Breath Away

#Grief #Love #Emotions #LettingGo

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