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Updated: Dec 19, 2017

FEBRUARY 16, 2017

Let’s talk about passion!  I’m wildly passionate about the innate wisdom of the human body.  It’s comprised of our physical, emotional and energetic bodies.  They work in harmony to move us into our soul’s purpose.

The physical body needs fuel, movement and rest.  Much too often we ignore it’s signals.  They can be obvious or subtle but all are important.  Fuel or food helps maintain the physical body plus the emotional and energetic bodies; they are linked.

The physical body communicates very clearly when it’s hungry, full or thirsty.  Are you paying attention to the message?  Food is medicine.  Skillful listening equals optimum health.  Is your body craving protein instead of carbs?  What kind of protein?  Animal or plant based?  Which energizes you the most with a sense of ease or lightness during digestion?  Does a particular food feel heavy, uncomfortable or gassy? Don’t ignore the intolerance; it could lead to inflammation.  If you feel better without it, remove the offender.  By sharpening your listening skills, the body will thank you with increased energy and vitality! 

We are designed to move.  Each individual has a preferred level and type of movement.  What is yours?  You should feel energized after an activity not depleted.  Which one boosts you physically and emotionally?  The time of day is another important factor.  I have to exercise in the morning; it grounds and balances me for the day ahead.   Maybe you need to move later in the day to clear and rebalance?  Movement affects everything, our physical, emotional and energetic well-being.  Playfully explore what ignites greater joy, energy and balance in you!

Everyone needs rest and repair.  How many hours of sleep does your body require?  We are all different.  I need eight hours to feel refreshed and happy in the morning.  We process a tremendous amount physically, emotionally and energetically at night.  Honor your body and wake up rejuvenated everyday! 

Too often we ignore the information the physical body is communicating.  Everything is interconnected.  The body is linked to our emotions and energetics through the chakra system.  By feeding one, you are fueling and balancing all.  This creates ease and flow in your life.  By listening carefully to the physical body, eventually you become quiet enough to hear the cues from the emotional and energetic bodies.  These signals guide you to your soul’s purpose, a life of greater health, love, peace and fulfillment!

If you need assistance, I can access this information from your body.  Curious about your soul’s purpose, let me point you in the right direction.  Call me. 

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