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Updated: Mar 10, 2018

DECEMBER 20, 2016

Tissue paper was flying off the ornaments landing in a huge pile by my feet when suddenly I stopped.  Peeking out from the white paper was a ceramic star with gold lettering.  It read, “Intention”.  It gave me pause.  I gazed down at the dazzling bright and metallic colors of the delicate glass surrounding me.  I smiled. I love the history and beauty of these ornaments.  Slowing down, I turned on some Christmas music, poured myself a festive drink and savored the process of trimming the tree. 

Intention was calling out to me.  For the remainder of the holiday season, my intention is to simply be present in the moment. 

What is your intention?  Find it, do it with purpose and enrich your holidays!

#intention, #presentmoment, #beingpresent, #energyhealing, #kerryjones

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