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How Do You Love Yourself?

An easy tool that works for me is to frame everything with “Is this loving me?”

Is this action, thought, choice, belief or emotion loving me? Is it nurturing and expanding me? Is it a check in or a check out?

If the answer is no, then try to gently pivot into a feeling, action, choice or belief that aligns with love and compassion for yourself. If you’re stuck or unsure, use your breath to drop into your heart and ask for guidance. Your first inkling is the answer.

I use this tool every day. It helps keep me honest with myself and kinder to myself.

How are you going to love yourself this week?

If you place your loving action or way of being in the comments, I’ll boost it with supportive, loving energy. Have fun with it!

If you’re stuck or need more support, call me.

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