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Updated: Dec 19, 2017

AUGUST 03, 2015

I woke up with a general feeling of malaise.  My life is like the movie Ground Hog Day- same routine every single day.  I can’t take it anymore!  I love to explore and I’ve been grounded for well over two years.  The walls of the house are closing in on me.  I grab my exercise ball, bands and weights and head outside.  Nature always invigorates me especially coupled with an endorphin rush.  It’s hot and I need shade.  The sugar maple in the front yard casts large, dark shadow on the lawn.  I drop the gear, press my iPod and Zella Day blasts into my ears.  First up are bands; the crab apple tree is perfect for arms and single leg squats.  Three sets of each down and I head over to the ball leaning on the bench under the sugar maple.  The sweat is rolling off me and the shade feels delicious.  I lay down on the ground to catch my breath.  The soft grass coupled with the pull of mother earth unexpectedly soothes me in a deeply nurturing way.  Peace leaches gently into me.   I glance up at the maple leaves overhead swaying with the breeze, sunlight peaking through to join the dance.  It’s so simple, so beautiful.  A smile spreads across my face.   I really only needed to travel a few steps from my front door.

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