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Finding Your Balance

Updated: Dec 19, 2017

NOVEMBER 09, 2016

The stinging words hurt.  I felt attacked, and engaged in the dialog. A lapse in the conversation provided a moment of clarity.  I realized this was fruitless and laughed. “How about we both agree that it’s best to move forward with positive intentions for the greatest good.”

How did I find my balance so quickly?  My laughter opened and reconnected me to my heart.  A calm, lightness flooded over me restoring my equilibrium and bringing with it compassion and an elevation of perspective.  It raised my vibration above the dense energy of the hurtful words.  Creating more flow and harmony within the body, the immediate environment and the world.  The energy of the heart- love is the most powerful energy in your body and the universe.  It heals.

Sometimes finding your balance is as simple as opening your heart. 

Would you like to bring more balance into your life?

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