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Feelings, have you ever avoided or suppressed them? Procrastinated dealing with a person or situation because of them?

I have. I dreaded dealing with a dress; fearful of the feelings it might evoke.

The gigantic box resembled a mini casket, the irony did not escape me. I unhinged the lid, pulled back the tissue and peeked inside. Nothing - no rush of emotions just a mass of silk and lace. I laughed at myself, picked up the dress and slipped it on. The silk rustled as I twirled, reminding me of how much I loved dancing in it on my wedding day. After a few spins, I gently returned it to the box. It didn’t feel like mine anymore. It was time to pass it on. Immediately, I felt lighter and happier; shedding the energetic weight of fearful anticipation and last vestige of an old life.

It’s impossible to avoid or repress feelings. They demand to be felt; not leaving you until experienced. Feelings hold space in your body, weight. If suppressed, they can block or restrict the flow of energy causing stress, anxiety, fatigue, tightness, pain or even illness.

Let them out. Feel and release. Emotions can only hurt you permanently, if you stifle them.

All of my fear was fabricated by my mind to “protect me” from potential hurt. The mind’s job is to keep us safe. My wedding dress only wanted me to feel the joy it brought me one last time; a lovely ending.

If you need help uncovering or releasing stuck emotions, I can identify and clear them gently. Call me.

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