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Updated: Dec 28, 2017

I was chatting with a bestie today who was upset about not feeling the "Christmas Spirit". She said, "I'm stressed out over the logistics from an unexpected inundation of family." Another friend expressed. "I'm excited that all the kids are coming home. But, I work like a dog to make it perfect and it never meets my expectations." I'm going through a major transition this year- move and separation. Everything feels and looks different. There is no tree, roaring fire or cooking for a large, lively gathering of family.

The holidays evoke different emotions for all of us.

Struggling with how to embrace the holidays this year, I slowly started to notice the little moments and encounters that touched my heart. The friend who says, "whatever you need, I'm there." The landlord who responds to your every request and genuinely cares about the small things that make your life easier. The ex who makes frienship a priority and fixes the light so you don't trip on the stairs in your new home.

Noticing the connection and feeling grateful for it in the moment has helped me reframe the holidays. Rather than feeling a little lost in transition and alone, I see the abundance in my life. These little pockets of love are present in all our lives Open up your heart to yours. Feel the abundance of love.

Wishing you love and peace this holiday season.

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