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Endless Support

Updated: Dec 19, 2017

MAY 31, 2017

Sounds improbable but it’s not.  Mother Earth or Pachamama, as I fondly call her, provides endless support in the form of crystals.  These magical minerals transmit frequencies or energetic vibrations so pure that they have the power to heal; bring us back into balance and harmony.  Crystals work on our physical and energetic bodies.  Each gemstone has a unique crystalline structure with specific energetic properties. 

Pick the crystal that speaks to you.  Trust your intuition.  The first stone that catches your eye (drawing you in) is the perfect stone for you!  Check out the crystal’s properties; it’s exactly what you need healed and enhanced right now.  Wear or place the crystal near you to start receiving the healing energy and support.  Charge up your crystals in the sunlight and moonlight and clean them occasionally.  You can purchase crystals at gem and mineral shows or stores.   There is even a crystal store in the local mall!

Here are just a few of the gemstones that I love. My favorite crystal is rose quartz.  Known as the heart stone, it emits a strong vibration of unconditional love.  It works on the heart chakra sending the energy of divine love, compassion, peace, tenderness and healing.  This pink crystal can heal your heart.  Just think how delightful the world would be if everyone had a little rose quartz!

Clear quartz is the most common and abundant crystal in the world.  It is a master healer stone that works on all the chakras.  This crystal heals the mind and heart to create an opening for the receipt of spiritual guidance.  Clear quartz aids in the fulfillment of prayers, dreams and goals.  It magnifies your personal power allowing the fullest expression of yourself to come forth.  Pachamama is providing quite an abundant gift with clear quartz.

Lapis Lazuli is a dazzlingly, deep, Mediterranean blue gem prized throughout the ages for it’s beauty and purpose.  It is the celestial stone of wisdom and truth.  Lapis Lazuli works on both the throat and third eye chakras to stimulate your wisdom, mental clarity and ability to communicate effectively, openly and honestly.  Put this crystal in your pocket for any important or delicate meetings, lectures or conversations.  It is a useful tool for all forms of communication: verbal, written and oral. 

There is so much more to crystals.  I have only touched upon some of their amazing qualities.  Take advantage of the powerful healing energy of gemstones and start incorporating them into your life! 

If you need guidance, I can identify the crystals that would like to work with you.

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