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Driver Seat

Updated: Dec 19, 2017

JUNE 30, 2016

Ok I’ll admit it, I flipped him the bird.  Driving on Brimbal Ave is a nightmare.  No one understands the rules of the rotary; the person in the rotary has the right of way!  The constant barrage of ignorant motorists who attempt to cut me off is exhausting and annoying. 

Last week, a black truck repeated this offense.  The enraged driver honked non-stop while tailgating several inches off my rear bumper.  Exasperated, I flipped him the bird.  The tailgating and horn ceased but I was livid.  So who was really suffering here?  Me.  Something had to change.

Yesterday, the exact same scenario presented itself.  The idea “do the opposite” literally popped into my head.  I chose to expand rather than contract by opening my heart.  I was surprised by the tremendous wave of compassion that flooded into my heart for the offender. Compassion turned into gratitude as I exited the rotary with my peaceful mood intact.  Expansion kept me in driver’s seat of my life.  What keeps you in yours?

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