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“I need more love.” Few people are brave enough to declare it. Often it is the subtext of conversations with clients, friends and family. My heart yearns for more too. So how do we cultivate it?

Become what you desire. L O V E

It’s really that simple. Opening your heart raises your energetic vibration to the frequency of love, the highest vibration in the universe. The universal law of attraction states like attracts like. When you vibrate at the frequency of love, it is naturally drawn to you. A wide- open heart is wide open to receive.

You will attract people who match your love vibration. Others will rise to your new, higher frequency or fall away.

To open your heart, focus on loving yourself more. Be kind to yourself. Create more opportunities to smile and laugh. What feeds your soul and brings you joy?

Being in nature makes my soul purr. Music gives me all the feels, add a little grooving/dancing and I’m all bliss. Creating is that state that nourishes expansion in my heart. Find the fuel that opens your heart.

Don’t you think it’s time to become the love you desire?

Let me help you live in your greatest love. Call me.

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