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You haven’t heard from me lately, here’s why.

I gazed at the reflection in the mirror. The long, dark hair was in sexy loose waves with makeup to match but the eyes betrayed the fatigue. I was bone tired.

A minute later, I slipped off he black sequined gown, kicked off the satin heels, threw on cozy PJs and plopped into a wing chair. The mere thought of a party was overwhelmingly exhausting. This was not normal; I love people, parties and fun.

As I neared the conclusion of divorce mediation, nostalgic memories flooded me. I met him at the age of 22; we grew up together. It was the end of an era. The past came in waves, I felt its joy coupled with sadness rooted in grief. This unfolding was a heartfelt goodbye that zapped all my energy emotionally and physically. I cocooned for a month. Christmas sucked.

There is no timetable for processing. Just be in it and have compassion for where you are right now. This is healing.

I stuck with it - felt and let go with grace. I fully shed the last bit of my old life to create the space for a new one in the new year.

Pay attention to the wisdom of your body and act on its cues. Take the time to listen, feel, acknowledge and release with gratitude. Ignoring feelings or memories keeps you stuck! Being present with them fosters balance - an environment in which peace, health and happiness can flourish.

Feeling stuck? Call me, I can help you.

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