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Updated: Dec 19, 2017

JANUARY 16, 2016

How are you going to show up differently in the New Year? 

At a party on New Years Eve, I posed that question to my friends.  It was late in the evening and everyone was sated from a delicious dinner and a few too many libations.  There was a sense of abandon in the air.  The replies were swift, raw and honest.  All were met with intrigue and support except for mine. 

In anticipation of 2016, I recently began playing with the new mantra to act boldly in expressing my point of view to the world.  Energy healing is at the forefront of integrated medicine and it will take bold action to bring into the mainstream.  As a vibrational energy healer, I want to use my voice to educate, connect and elevate this platform.  Fortified by the bubbly, I replied to my question stating that I would take bolder action in expressing my point of view.  A loud chorus of “Oh No’s” echoed in reply.  I was stunned and quickly clarified in business.  Puzzled faces stared back at me. 

I found this amusing for two reasons.  First, I really don’t consider myself to be bold.  Evidently, I am perceived that way.  I still remember the little girl who used hide behind her mother’s legs and never ever let go of her hand.  Secondly, it seems like associating bold and energy healing is a paradox.

So I guess this bold girl needs to become even bolder in order to invalidate that paradox.  Welcome to 2016!

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