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About Through the Heart Healing

I am a healer.


Ker ry

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I am passionate about helping you back into your natural state of balance so you feel healthier, happier and more peaceful. I use my heart-centric connection, highly developed sensitivity and intuitive insight to shift you into wholeness.   


Born with these gifts, I shut them down at the age of 17. Years later when a family member was diagnosed with terminal cancer, I intimately experienced the fragility of life, suffering and heartache which softened and broadened my perspective of humanity. This awakening created an opening in my heart allowing for the acceptance, rapid expansion and expression of my gifts. I chose to embrace them and pursue my soul's higher calling as a vibrational energy healer and intuitive advisor.


I bring a very grounded approach to healing, coming from a 21-year career in the corporate world as an operational director primarily in investment banking. I graduated from Mount Holyoke College and never left the state of Massachusetts. Northshore of Boston is where you’ll find me playfully smiling while cooking healthy food, listening and dancing to great music and enjoying friends and nature.


My gift is healing. I release stuck energy, pain, beliefs and fears so you move into greater physical, emotional and spiritual health. I tap directly into your body, your soul and your guides to receive information. I channel these messages while connecting to powerful vibrational frequencies to facilitate healing in your body and soul. I teach you how to connect to the innate wisdom of your body, engage your power and transform your life.

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